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Definitions :

Saint Remois awning : Entity in its capacity as a holiday rental company that offers its seasonal rental services.

Site : Website auventsaintremois.com

Client : Any user of the website who orders, purchases or reserves the Products and services offered published on the Auvent Saint Remois website.
Publisher: Auvent Saint Remois, Alpilles Provence and ByLomé are
editor of the website auventsaintremois.com as well as the sub-sites and URLs directly linked to it.

Internet user : Any natural or legal person, under private or public law, connecting to the Site.
Announcement: A web page that details the characteristics of a holiday rental or a product or service with a (detailed) description, features, photos, videos, availability and price schedule.


Purpose of the auvensaintremois.com website

Auventsaintremois.com is a website that publishes, aggregates, references and disseminates its advertisement of tourist accommodation offers, seasonal accommodation, tourist services, tourist information, links to partners in the Alpilles, aiming to rent its property to tourist customers and to put partners in contact with customers or customers with partners.

Auvent Saint Remois seasonal rental offers an internet solution aimed at promoting the secure booking of products and services through the use of beds24 software and secure payment via stripe.

The holiday accommodation offers and all information about the holiday rentals (photos, detailed descriptions, geographical location & prices) come exclusively from Auvent Saint Remois. No text or audiovisual images may be used without the consent of Auvent Saint Remois.

The holiday rental offer is published by means of a beds24 computer program, with availability updated daily, each reservation will be confirmed by Auvent Saint Remois, any errors in availability linked to the computer system, or input errors are not the responsibility of Auvent Saint Remois.

All published ads are randomly sorted on the site, without defining a priority of display according to the partners.

Partners can also provide real-time availability and prices via webservices, as well as a secure online payment solution 100%

Auventsaintremois.com is a website of the seasonal rental Auvent Saint Remois, 5 rue du Parage 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence, furnished tourist accommodation classified 3 stars by Provence Tourism, number 01301013-10018-0142.


Acceptance of the general conditions of use

Browsing the Site implies acceptance by all Internet users of these general conditions of Auvent Saint Remois. Simply connecting to the Site shall entail full and complete acceptance of these general conditions. These general terms and conditions are applicable to the relationship between the parties to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions, in particular those of the Customer. The Internet user acknowledges that he/she has read them fully and accepts them without restriction.

Acceptance of these general terms and conditions assumes that Internet users have the legal capacity to do so, or failing that that they have the authorisation of a guardian or curator if they are incapable, of their legal representative if they are minors, or that they hold a mandate if they are acting on behalf of a legal entity.

The contractual terms and conditions of the respective partners for holiday rentals and services apply in addition to these.



In order to make a reservation, the client must select rental nights and/or a product or service. The availability of products is indicated on the website.

The Client must complete all the fields on the booking form. Babies and young children are considered as individuals in their own right, unless otherwise stated in the description of the offer, or in the general terms and conditions of sale of Auvent Saint Remois.

The client undertakes to check immediately whether the booking confirmation he/she has received is correct and to report any errors by email to Auvent Saint Remois as soon as possible.


The Client accepts the general terms and conditions of sale by validating the booking.

The Auvent Saint remois reservation form is secured by an SSL certificate which ensures encryption of the data entered. The online payment module is Stripe with a secure payment. Stripe accepts payment by most credit cards, giropay, sofort, ideal, bancontact, sepa, apple pay and others.

After validation of the form, the reservation is automatically transmitted to Auvent Saint Remois which manages the payments, the terms of payment, the deductions of the sums relating to the reservation, or the deposit and the sending of various documents relating to the stay.


Prices and payment terms

Any bank charges (national or foreign) are to be paid by the customer.

The applicable prices are those displayed on the site on the day of the order. Prices may be modified at any time. The customer is informed that the prices displayed are only valid on the day and at the time of the order. The prices are indicated on the site in euros, all taxes included. The customer's credit card or bank account will only be debited once the reservation has been accepted by Auvent Saint Remois.


Right of withdrawal

The Client/Consumer is aware that, as an exception to the provisions previously set out in particular in Article 221-28 of the Consumer Code, Article L. 221-28 12° of the said Code provides that contracts for the "provision of services: accommodation, transport, catering, leisure activities which must be provided on a specific date or at a specific time" are excluded from the benefit of the right of withdrawal.

He therefore acknowledges that he cannot avail himself of the above-mentioned withdrawal period.


Rescission / modification / cancellation of the reservation

The client may cancel, modify or terminate the reservation of his rental according to the rules defined in article 13 of the general conditions of sale.

The conditions of modification and cancellation of a reservation are those applied by the Auvent Saint Remois, and accepted by the client, on the day of the reservation procedure.

The date of receipt of the notice of cancellation / termination / amendment is decisive. The customer is recommended to terminate in writing/by e-mail. Depending on the time of cancellation and the contractual conditions issued by Auvent Saint Remois or the service partner, the customer may be required to pay a cancellation fee as set out in the general terms and conditions.



It is recommended that the customer take out a travel or trip cancellation insuranceThis is because even small accidents can lead to considerable costs, which are not necessarily covered by the usual health insurance.


Identity papers, visas and health

Each customer is personally responsible for compliance with national and foreign regulations on entry and exit, health, identity documents or passports and visas.


Occupation of the holiday home

The client is responsible for any damage caused during his stay (unless this is due to normal wear and tear or a defect in the equipment) and for certain risks linked to his presence (fire, water damage, etc.) for which he must be insured.


Responsibility for publications

Auvent Saint Remois publishes its accommodation offer and products and services proposed by partners. It provides information that may contain, despite our vigilance, inaccuracies, omissions, approximations or outdated information, for which it therefore declines all responsibility and does not guarantee the veracity or exhaustiveness of this information.

Auvent Saint Remois may direct the user to third party sites via links, for which Auvent Saint Remois cannot be held responsible in any way.

Descriptions and prices are non-binding and subject to change without notice.


Processing of personal data

Internet users are free to provide personal information about themselves. The provision of personal information is not essential for navigation on the site. Reservations on the site require the collection of a certain amount of personal information. Internet users who do not wish to provide this type of information necessary for the reservation procedure will not be able to make a reservation. The personal data collected is subject to computer processing and is necessary for Auvent Saint Remois to fulfil its contractual obligations. This data is kept by Auvent Saint Remois, its Beds24 software or its Stripe payment module in this sole capacity. Auvent Saint Remois undertakes not to use them in any other context, nor to transmit them to third parties, except with the express agreement of the Customers or in cases provided for by law. In accordance with the provisions of the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, the contact details of all Customers registered on this site are saved for a period of one year, which is a reasonable period of time necessary for the proper administration of the site and for normal use of the data.Customers have the right to object to, question, access and correct the data they have provided. To do so, they simply need to send a request to the following e-mail address reservation@auventsaintremois.com



In accordance with Ordinance No. 2011-1012 of 24 August 2011 on electronic communications and the two exceptions to the obligation to obtain prior authorisation provided for in Article 32 II of the French Data Protection Act, the Internet user is hereby informed that Auvent Saint Remois may place a cookie on his or her computer in order to allow optimal browsing.

Auvent Saint Rémois only uses the cookies necessary for navigation, no marketing or analytical cookies are used.

The Internet user is informed of the fact that cookies are small files installed on the Internet user's computer via his/her browser, which make it possible to identify and memorise his/her connections to different Internet pages and that they have a limited lifespan. These cookies are intended to be kept on the Internet user's computer for a variable period of up to one year.

The Internet user has the possibility of blocking, modifying the duration of conservation, or deleting these cookies via the interface of his browser. If he/she were to delete them, he/she is warned that browsing on the Site will not be optimal.

Internet users also have the possibility of deleting the cookies stored on their computer, by going to the menu of their browser provided for this purpose.


IP addresses

The IP address is a series of numbers separated by dots that uniquely identifies a computer on the Internet. Auvent Saint Remois reserves the right to collect the public IP address of all Internet users and to keep it for the period required by law. In accordance with the legislation in force, Auvent Saint Remois must communicate all personal data relating to an Internet user to the authorised authorities upon judicial requisition or to any person upon a judicial decision. The IP address may be matched with the actual identity of the Internet user in the event of communication of this information by an Internet access provider.


Site malfunctions

Force majeure" means any impediment, limitation or disruption of the site or services due to fire, epidemic, explosion, earthquake, fluctuations in bandwidth, failure attributable to the access provider, failure of transmission networks, collapse of installations, illicit or fraudulent use of passwords, codes or credentials provided to the customer, hacking, security breach attributable to the site host or developers, flood, power failure, war, embargo, law, injunction, demand or requirement of any government, requisition, strike, boycott, or other circumstances beyond the control of Auvent Saint Remois.

In the event of impossibility of access to the Site, due to technical problems of any kind, the Internet user or the customer may not claim any damage and may not claim any compensation. The unavailability of one or more online services, even if prolonged and without any time limit, shall not constitute a prejudice for Internet users and customers and shall not in any way give rise to the granting of damages.


Published content

The content published by the client on the pages of the site, in particular comments and opinions, are under the full and complete responsibility of the client. Pursuant to Article 6-I-4 of the Law on Confidence in the Digital Economy, the client must be aware that an abusive notification of allegedly illicit content may engage his responsibility and that it is punishable by one year's imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros under Article 6-I-4 of the Law on Confidence in the Digital Economy.


Intellectual property

The content, structure and software used to operate the Site are protected by copyright. All rights of reproduction are reserved, copyright, of all or part of this site on a paper or electronic medium is formally prohibited unless expressly authorized in writing. Any representation or reproduction in whole or in part made without the consent of Auvent Saint Remois, Alpilles Provence, By-Lomé, Beds24 or Stripe or their successors or assigns constitutes a violation of the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property and will be liable to legal action. The same applies to the translation, adaptation or transformation, arrangement or reproduction by any art or process. The whole of this site is subject to French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property.


Regulation concerning notices

All opinions published on this site express the views and opinions of the authors and not those of

administrators or moderators of this site (apart from postings and replies made by themselves). The administrators and moderators cannot therefore be held responsible for the content of these messages, although they undertake to remove any generally objectionable or illegal material as quickly as possible.

As a user you agree not to post any abusive, obscene, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. You acknowledge that the administrators and moderators have the right to remove, edit or move any posting at any time should the need arise. You agree that any information you enter will be stored in a database.

If your account is blocked or closed, you will no longer be able to claim ownership of your writings, except those directly related to your private life. The latter can be deleted at your request by a site administrator, on simple request from you to reservation@auventsaintremois.com


Provisions concerning the general conditions of use

These general terms and conditions of sale and use of the site are subject to French law. They may be modified at any time. The general conditions applicable are those in force on the day of the reservation made by the Internet user or the client.

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